30fold, Inc.

30fold, Inc.
Transforming the concept of equal justice for all into a reality.
Phoenix, Arizona, United States United States
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Company description

30fold encourages, promotes, and supports web entrepreneurs and those seeking to generate income working from home, with an emphasis on the Christian marketplace. 30fold operates based on Biblical business principles, both practical and spiritual.

Our missions is two-fold.

First, to empower people legally. Our justice system, while best in the world, is broken. We will introduce them to a new paradigm on how people access our justice system that unlocks the courthouse doors, enabling them to work on a level playing field with the wealthy and big corporations.

Secondly, is to empower moms and dads who would like to come home from work for good and raise their children without having to sacrifice the lifestyle afforded them by two corporate America incomes. 30fold wanta to help you make more money, pay less taxes, go more places and do more things as a family, learn together, grow together, play together, pray together, and stay together.

Business model

30fold Benefits Group, an agency for Pre-Paid Legal Services, is built on a business model similar to insurance agencies. New candidates begin as a Junior associate, and through production and recruiting, work their way through the ranks. Some prefer to work only in personal production, others look at the long term advantages of building their own agency, and begin immediately recruiting agents into their own team.


New associates receive rigorous training. Those who wish to qualify to sell in the business and group arena attend additional classes.

Competitive advantage

30fold Benefits Group, through Pre-Paid Legal, has a unique service not comparable with any other service offering in its class. No other plans offer the extent of service where the service providers are monetarily motivated to have the same objectives and goals as the client, nor do their plans offer the complete wall of protection to clients. With a market penetration in the US and Canada of less than 3% this company is poised for massive growth in the next 3-5 years. These types of plans, offered in Europe since the early 1900's, have an 80% market penetration, but until recently have been virtually unknown in the Americas.


30fold, as an agency, has representatives in most states. Actively growing and strengthening that team is a primary focus.