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2600hz is innovating the core of the 150 year old telecom industry.

Many folks think of little old ladies moving iron rods in and out of switchboards when they think of the phone company, and the truth is that they aren't far off. The last major feature your telecom provider gave you was Caller ID. We think that the world's largest network can do a lot more, and we're enabling that innovation today.

2600hz delivers a free and Open Source telecom stack that allows the delivery of massive communications applications. Better still, 2600hz uses modern technology to allow the kinds of innovation which have historically been impossible.

The 2600hz technology allows anyone to operate a carrier on the scale of AT&T in five minutes or less, and without any costs.

2600hz makes a fair amount of coin from our support and consulting efforts. Our monetization model is the classic open-source model championed by the likes of RedHat and MySQL. The company is about 2 years old and has taken no outside funding.

This is a hard technology startup. The kinds of problems we're solving require lots of math, lots of Erlang and a lot of hard work.

P.S. We occasionally get compared to Twilio. Whereas Twilio is primarily concerned with innovating on the access layer, 2600hz is innovating on the underlying core switch. We're building better core switches, Twilio is building better acces to those switches (very happy to explain more in person if necessary, we <3 the Twilio guys but we're in very different businesses).