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Location: 222doPO Box QMenlo Park, CA, Menlo Park, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Menlo Park, California, United States United States
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Company description

At 222do, we believe that the information people share on Lists reveals as much about their tastes, desires, and intentions—to do, to try, to buy—as might be interpreted through complex data analysis.

We also believe that information about people’s future-looking intent is potentially more valuable to effective targeting and selling than assumptions made about past patterns or behavior.

As we watch social platforms like Facebook, the Open Social alliance and others integrate information about online purchase behavior into the social grid, we see validation that this information—and the action stemming from it—is of great value.

If you think of social networks as the new shopping mall, and Lists as the conversation between friends or family members as they push their cart through the door of their favorite retailer, then perhaps you can foresee the power and potential of 222do.


  • Ellen Leanse
    Ellen Leanse | Team member
    Ellen Leanse has built her career on creating loyalty for technology, consumer and membership enterprises. During her ten years at Apple, Ellen championed product localization in Apple’s global markets, and—as Apple’s first User Evangelist—pioneer...
  • Sajjad Jaffer
    Sajjad Jaffer | Team member
    Sajjad has held product management and business development roles across the entire technology stack. He started in the Office Marketing team at Microsoft followed by stints in the internet infrastructure space at Akamai Technologies and in ent...
Business model

222do is built on the concept that Lists lead to action, and action leads to transaction. Our model takes shape within social networks and social shopping enviornments.


We deliver highly accurate and virally influential content to online merchants within social enviornments. This content can be managed and activated in a number of ways, each with revenue opportunities to 222do. 


"Lists," our first application, allows people to create, share and publish lists declaring intent to buy, do, document or otherwise act on information or goals that are important to them.


This information can be aggregated and mined for predictive analysis, and can be activated for specific promotion and purchase activity.


Wherever 222do replaces or enhances existing online demand generation or advertising functions such as adwords, direct email, banners and so forth, we create a revenue opportunity.


We also create revenue opportunities in the serving, targeting and activation of specific transactional data.



Competitive advantage


Critical mass

Aggregation of data within social environments

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