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Company description

15 Minutes and Beyond, INC. (“15MAB” or the“Company”) was started to accommodate a blossoming secondary market for thefilm, music, modeling and entertainment market.  The purpose of 15MAB is to provide this secondary marketaccess to the entertainment industry which would not otherwise be available, atminimal costs.  The market segmentin this secondary market includes individuals and groups which haveundiscovered talent, yet do not have the knowledge or financial means to breakinto the entertainment industry. 15MAB provides those means. This protocol is proven to work and evidenced by the continuedpopularity and profitability of shows such as “American Idol,” “Nashville Star,” “America’s Next Top Model,” and“Making the Band.”

            15MABand the underlying infrastructure has been implemented.  The Company requires investment capitalin the first two of four phases to optimize its vision and profitability.  The first phase necessitates a$2,000,000.00 (USD) investment, and Phase II requires a $1,500,000.00 (USD)influx.  Phases III and IV will beachieved through self-funding methods to achieve all goals of the Company.  Profitability to the Company andinvestor are threefold: 

1.              Advertising

2.              Monthlysubscriptions from participants, and

3.              Mandatorycontract-sharing revenues from successful talent secured from the sight.

The ultimate goal of 15MAB is to become theprimary entertainment gatekeeper in the industry, providing the world’sundiscovered talent the necessary grooming, management and label necessary tosucceed in the greatest growth industry.

Business model

15Minutes and Beyond, Inc. is a privately held company located in Orange,California.  The initial core ofthe 15 Minutes and Beyond website has been instituted.  You may explore the initial siteprotocol at www.15mab.com.  This site is the start-up test functionuntil funding and advertising are secured.  The appropriate intellectual property rights have beensecured and the project is ready to go vertical.

Theprinciple concept guiding the Company is to create an internet website gearedtoward providing exposure for undiscovered artists.  It will present their material to the entertainment industryand for worldwide viewing.  Theonus is ultimately to give rising and unknown talent a chance at stardom whilegenerating a highly successful Company profit margin.

Thiswebsite, idea and concept expands upon the best features seen through venuessuch as “American Idol”, “Dancing withthe Stars,” “Nashville Star,” “America’s Next Top Model,” “Janice DickinsonAgency,” and “Making the Band” to name a few and combines these into onesingular online media with the added benefit of giving the artist anopportunity at breaking into the entertainment industry.  To do this, there will be ongoingentertainment related competitions where the winner(s) will be given a shot attheir dreams by receiving sponsored prizes (monetary, contracts, products) andthe unlimited goal of acquiring a management contract from 15 Minutes andBeyond.

Competitive advantage
With this particular of idea, concept and goal, there is currently no internet competition.  With artists such as Ludacris taking their music label to the web in a competition style signing event, this only shows the merit and market share this idea can command.  With music related televised contestssuch as "American Idol" commanding a 16.4 plus rating, taking the concept to the web is a great step.  With the online music community growing exponentially every day, our idea is poised to break out in a big way.