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Thx to you guys we came 5th in the public vote. Awesome!! Keep your fingers crossed so we stay in the Top 10, & we can WOW them all presenting next Thursday at Vator Splash next Thursday!! :) on January 25
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Delip Andra
Delip Andra at 10:45am January 25
Sounds like an interesting app. Good Luck. We're hoping to be there as well. Let's connect at the the event.
Rick Bee
Rick Bee at 04:33am January 26
Hey Delip. You guys have done well: congrats! Hopefully we both get through. Yep for sure, our CEO, JD ( will be there. Ill let him know & you guys can connect!
JD .
JD . at 07:00am January 26
Look fwd Delip :)