gALPHA by gener8tor

Categories: accelerator, Startup, Software, Information technology, Web services, Software as a service, E-commerce, Hardware

Locations: Madison, Wisconsin, United States | Wisconsin, United States | Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Deadline:May 01, 2017

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G-Startup Worldwide Silicon Valley

Enabling Innovative Startups to Change the World

Categories: E-commerce, biotech, Data, Education, Healthcare, Software as a service, Saas, Mobile

Locations: San Francisco, California, United States | San Francisco Bay Area

Deadline:July 24, 2017

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UX Awards 2017

Categories: Design, Web design, UX design, Digital media, tablet apps, Mobile apps, Mobile application development, AR, VR, E-commerce, Mobile games

Locations: Palo Alto, California, United States | California, United States | United States | North America | San Francisco Bay Area | Silicon Valley

Deadline:July 25, 2017

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Betaspring RevUp 2016

Acceleration for Revenue-First Companies

Categories: acquisition, Design, Commerce, Consumer brands

Locations: Providence, Rhode Island, United States

Deadline:September 02, 2017

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Alibaba Investment Program - Hong Kong and Taiwan-based entrepreneurs

Categories: Marketplaces, E-commerce, Wholesale, Logistics, Software, Mobile, API, Cloud Computing

Locations: Hong Kong, China | Taiwan

Deadline:December 31, 2017

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