Vive X Accelerator

Categories: Virtual Reality (VR), Accelerator

Locations: San Francisco, California, United States | Beijing, China | Shenzhen, China | Taipei, Taiwan

Deadline:August 15, 2017

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Slush - Pitching At The Redefined Slush 100 Competition

Categories: Startup, Business plans

Locations: Helsinki, Finland | Tokyo, Japan | Shanghai, China | Singapore, Singapore

Deadline:September 09, 2017

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Categories: Edge Computing, Natural Language, Autonomous Vehicles, Agtech, Human-Machine Interface Technology, Ethical Computing, Artificial intelligence (AI)

Locations: Hong Kong, China | Asia

Deadline:September 14, 2017

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She Loves Tech 2017

Categories: Women, Information technology

Locations: Singapore, Singapore | Hong Kong, China | Indonesia | Montreal, Canada | Germany | China | Israel | Global

Deadline:September 15, 2017

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CoreNet Global Academic Challenge

Categories: hackathon, Students

Locations: Global | Seattle, Washington, United States | Singapore, Singapore | Shanghai, China | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Deadline:November 01, 2017

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Alibaba Investment Program - Hong Kong and Taiwan-based entrepreneurs

Categories: Marketplaces, E-commerce, Wholesale, Logistics, Software, Mobile, API, Cloud Computing

Locations: Hong Kong, China | Taiwan

Deadline:December 31, 2017

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G-Startup Worldwide

Categories: Startup, Competitions, Virtual Reality (VR)

Locations: Mexico City, Mexico | Tel Aviv, Israel | Beijing, China | Tokyo, Japan | Sao Paulo, Brazil | Jakarta, Indonesia | Silicon Valley | Hong Kong, China | Bangalore, India | Seoul, Korea (South)

Deadline:December 31, 2017

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