Prosper Women Entrepreneurs

Deadline - December 31, 2017

Every day in America, women start more than 1,200 new businesses. That number has doubled since 2011. But getting those ideas off the ground isn't easy. Prosper Women Entrepreneurs is changing that. Our Startup Accelerator is supporting women business owners by making investments in women-led startups. Are you creating the next big thing in technology? Disrupting something? Apply here now! Are you solving a problem in healthcare with technology? Apply here now! Do you have a unique consumer product company? Apply here now! Do you have revenue in your company? Apply here now! We're looking for women-led startups with a focus on technology, healthcare technology, and consumer products. We define a women-led business as a company with at least one woman in a position of leadership and significant and meaningful equity. We define startups as companies that have a working product and preferably customers.

Location: St. Louis

Categories: Women Accelerator