Eonify Accelerator

Deadline - September 14, 2017

Every day, the world is generating about 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data. This would be equivalent to 10 million blu-ray disc when stacked will be four times the height of the Eiffel Tower. That is a lot of data! There is a belief now that data is the new oil when harnessed can be a source of power and influence. With this level of data volume and complexity comes a lot of opportunities. Innovators, scientists, subject matter experts, and technologists are becoming founders of big data startups. In order for them to succeed, a lot of help is needed to get them off the ground. This is where Eonify can help. We are looking to help disruptive startups with innovative technologies, products, solutions and/or approaches in big data, data science, and artificial intelligence by providing them access to funding, mentors, subject matter experts, and data to help startups succeed.