Deadline - October 14, 2017

If you’re a team interested in attacking the challenges of building a more precise planet using IoT technology consider applying for a place in the Alchemist Accelerator.  We’re interested in companies that are taking both a vertical, as well as a horizontal approach.  If you’re interested in building smarter things, whether that’s a next generation healthcare machine or the software to power things, we’re interested. If you’re in to next generation connection technology that makes it cheaper, better or faster to connect things, then join Alchemist.  Today most software has been built for the Internet of People.  But People are not Things, so why should software built for the Internet of People work for the Internet of Things.  If you’ve got ideas to build new data collection software maybe your company could be the next Oracle.  Once you have Terabytes of data from thousands of machines you could have the solution on how to analyze that data in new and innovative ways.