Raja Gopal

Raja Gopal

Chennai, India
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2005 Anna University Bachelor of Engineering in Communication

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A professional, Software engineer working as  Technical Lead in Sam-Sys more than 4 years. Being hardworking guy my job is not limited respect to my  position as technical lead. Right from the entry of new client with requirement and retaining as a regular client with other projects  my contribution plays the vital role like

Concept analysis,

Project document Preparation,

Client Co ordination

Team Management

Guiding Project progress towards successful completion etc..


I am very much proud to be one among the Mytoopi Team. Right from the embryonic stage to well developing stage of Mytoopi. I contributed lot of ideas, documentation, development etc...

This paves me fair knowledge on Mytoopi nook and corner . So as a team we are developing Mytoopi for Beta version as well as we are having future concept and ideas towards next generation of Mytoopi.

I am very much confident on my team as well as Mytoopi, and I  wish advance greetings for winning this competition.