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Mark Godwin

CEO of Automa Systems. He has a PhD from UC Berkeley and specializes in Machine Learning, Optimization and Controls.

Berkeley, California, United States
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Achievements (products built, personal awards won):

I was a key developer and manager of a software team that created a fully automated collaborative fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles. The system’s robust distributed control algorithm used onboard computing and air-to-air communication. The system was demonstrated with four unmanned aerial vehicles that collectively executed a single mission.

If you are an entrepreneur, why?

I want to change the world.

My favorite startups:

Airbnb, Automatic, Venmo

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

Limitations on time and resources are frustrating while finding a better way to serve your customers is rewarding. In the end, the limitations push you to innovate.

What's the No. 1 mistake entrepreneurs make?

Startups don't starve, they drown.

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

1) Ideas are easy, execution is hard
2) Imagine the world as it should be, but act as it is
3) Customers know what they want, but they don't always know what is possible

Full bio

Mark has a PhD from UC Berkeley and specializes in Machine Learning, Optimization and Controls. He has spent 8+ years developing algorithms for vehicle fleet automation.

Mark has been working with drones, self-driving cars and fleet automation since 2004. His experience includes a 5+ year project with drones for the Office of Naval Research, the DARPA Urban Grand Challenge, a team member at a startup acquired by Google's self driving car X Project, on-demand buses for the US DOT, for-hire personal transporation and trucking. This experience has led to a deep understanding of the technology that will not only coordinate tomorrow's self-driving cars, but will transform the transportation systems of today.