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Instagram is one of the quickest growing social networks in 2015 and sees no manifestation of scaling down. It is quickly taking market share far.... Quote_down
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Instagram is one of the quickest growing social networks in 2015 and sees no manifestation of scaling down. It is quickly taking market share far from many of the big players such as Facebook and Twitter (luckily Facebook owns Instagram). It will be interesting to find out how Instagram supports inside whole world of ever changing social websites content sites. To help new users get acquainted with this platform we now have compiled a directory of the top seven Instagram accounts that are amazing.
Baylor University conducted a report on cell phone usage. They gave a web based survey to 164 college students regarding 24 cellphone activities. Texting occupied essentially the most time, by having an average of 94.6 minutes a day. Sending emails started in at 48.5 minutes, Facebook browsing showed up at 38.6 minutes, surfing the Internet was 34.4 minutes and listening to music arrived at 26.9 minutes.
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