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Henry Thorne

Creator of some notable products and companies that sell them including the Tug from Aethon delivering supplies in hospitals, and the new Origami stroller and forthcoming Breeze playard from 4moms.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Member since August 09, 2012
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Henry Thorne graduated from CMU in the early 80’s (BS 1982, MS 1984) and went to work for General Motors Corporation creating robotic assembly lines.  After creating several innovations that saved GM more than he would ever make as an engineer, Henry started Cycle Time Corp. in January of 1990.  From Cycle Time Corp. he has sold back to GM 5,000 industrial robot Tophat packages and over 2,000 robot calibration systems. 


Henry then founded Probotics and created the first personal robot, Cye, capable of carting 15 lbs. of goods around the home and vacuuming with a brush equipped dustbuster.  Cye was named “the MAC of robots” by Wired magazine and made its way onto “Good Morning America” and “The Early Show.” 


Expanding on the Cye technology, Henry founded Aethon, Inc. in 2002 to automate the deliveries of materials in hospitals.  Henry’s “Tug” can autonomously transport 750 lb-carts through hospitals (including elevators and public hallways).  Henry raised $5 million for Aethon and remains a large shareholder. Henry’s “Tug” is now in over 100 hospitals.


Currently, Henry is CTO and co-founder of 4moms, a Pittsburgh-based juvenile products company. At 4moms, Henry has developed the Digital Bath Spout Cover and Cleanwater Infant Tub (products that make bath time easier and safer by giving parents constant knowledge of the water temperature), the Origami Stroller (world’s first power-folding stroller), and the Breeze playard (the easiest-to-use playard on the market). To date, more than 50,000 units of products designed and engineered by Henry have been sold.  He holds 17 patents and has 22 pending.