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Dave Halverson

Oakland, California, United States
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1990 Washington University in St. Louis , BS , Engineering and Public Policy

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musician, audio/music producer, educator, observer, technology fan

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Dave Halverson is a guitarist/composer based in Oakland, CA.  He is also a founding member of the jazz/art rock band Trance Lucid.  To date, he has released eight cds of instrumental music - four as a solo artist, and four with Trance Lucid.

The music ranges from electronic rock, jazz/progressive rock, and avant rock, to textural mood pieces, solo pieces, and more experimental works.  Inspirations include random noises, found sound, visual art, science, technology, and shortwave radio experiments.

Halverson's first solo cd was Fragments of What (2003), a cinematic recording that explored new sonic territory and completely reshaped his musical perspective.  His 2006 cd, March Forth, was created as a tribute to his father, who was born on March 4th.  Apothecary Charms was released in October 2008.  His latest cd, 1991, was released in September 2009.