Colin Holowaychuk
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Colin Holowaychuk

Founder / / by Simplified Ecommerce

Calgary, Canada
Member since January 20, 2011
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Colin Holowaychuk

Colin has over ten years of experience in international payment processing, and 18 years in marketing and startup businesses. He was VP Marketing and Sales, N. America and Senior Product Advisor at Neteller (now Optimal Payments). During the 4 years at Neteller, revenues grew from $1 million to $20 million per month, they listed on the London AIM and achieved a market cap of over $2 Billion.

He was President of ProBilling, where in less then 3 years he built a team that leveraged the unique value proposition of guaranteed online payments and recurring subscriptions in international markets to attract over 5500 merchant customers and tens of thousands of websites.

Colin consults with businesses, helping them manage growth, smooth out the pains of international payment processing and the complexities of subscription management, this ongoing pain lead to the birth of merchee.