Brian Martinez

Brian Martinez

Los Angeles, California, United States
Member since August 23, 2011
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If you are an entrepreneur, why?

I want to change the world.

My favorite startups:

Grockit, Zaarly, Omaze, Campus Explorer, Veritas Prep, Groupon

What are the top three lessons you've learned as an entrepreneur?

1. Not all lawyers are equal, and cheaper is not always better! This is especially the case when it comes to patents, so pay to get it done right the first time.

2. ALWAYS vest your Co-Founders. There is nothing worse than someone quitting 3-months in an walking away with 20% of your Company.

3. Write a business plan. I'm sure that some people will disagree with this, but I feel this way for two reasons. A) You can talk a big game, but it's really hard to BS on paper. Writing the business plan makes you think about whether what you are doing makes sense. B) You should not skip writing a business plan just because you can get financing without it. In the end, you still need to run a business, and ironically that takes a lot of PLANNING (and execution of course).