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Tifani Resch

Frankfurt, Germany
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2007 Heidelberg International Business Academy , BA , Tourism Management, although the most selective courses I had were in the area Marketing (International Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour, Entrepreneurship and New Ventures..)

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My name is Tifani and I'm as unique as the spelling of my name. I am German but have roots in the Philippines as well. My friends and family are spread all over the world which makes me a passionate traveller.

Sometimes I have the feeling I was born on a plane, which is also the reason why I obtained a bachelors degree in Tourism Management at the Heidelberg International Business Academy in Germany. Another passion that comes with travelling is learning languages and right now Im going to tackle the most difficult language in the world. Good luck! I know its not the easiest thing to do but I believe that there is no challenge too big if you really want something. As long as you try you will either succeed or lose.If you don't try at all you will only lose.

A week ago, I had the honour to be one of the newest member of the vator team. I love taking videos, so being a videographer for vator.tv is more fun than work. Another thing that I think is important in life is creativity. Lets not waste any time now and go give me a great pitch!

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