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Stephane Dube

Trois-Rivieres, Canada
Member since February 27, 2008
It's time in 2017 to stop cleaning windows by hand dont you think so ? Quote_down
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1986 Joseph Francois Perreault , High School

I am a(n):


Achievements (products built, personal awards won):

If you are an entrepreneur, why?

I want to change the world.

My favorite startups:

Window Washing System

What's most frustrating and rewarding about entrepreneurship/innovation?

No budget to finish this revolutionized idea need investor for the prototype stage it's crutial to get a top quality product for success

Full bio

 About me:

Greetings To My World: I have 4 wonderful children: Melissa, Jonathan, Cynthia,and Gabriel. I am full of Imagination and I never stop dreaming up new ideas. I was a guest on StartUpNation Radio, August 2006. Six brave entrepreneurs demonstrated their inventions, new products, and companies on StartUpNation Radio. I was one of them.

Description of my Invention :

Window Washing System

Our new window washing machine can be set up to clean the exterior of any window, large or small, on any building, low or skyscraper, by simply pressing a one-touch on/off switch. You will never have to employ a window washing team with ladders, elevators or scaffolding again. Our system is safer, less expensive, and you can wash any one window on any given day. Our system is simply better.

Invention name Window Washing System !

Patent U.S.6,986,186 !

Patent Canadian 2,537,570 !

Prototype done !

Stage Startup to make the product certified CSA !

Company name W.W.S.Technology Canada INC.

 Our Mission !

Our Purpose !

Promotion !

Profitability !

Distribution(casting) !

Service to adapt !

Absolute legality !

Potential of sales !

Search(research) in marketing !

Research and development !

Interdependence of the product !

Energy / Électrique / Solar !

Security / our strength mageure !

Impact on the environment Cleanliness !

Compatibility consumer / user !

Satisfy the need of the owners of buildings !

To be able to give a value increased in them buildings !


: Many factors influence the acceptance of a product in the marketplace.
Two of the major factors relate to the needs a product fulfill ( THE BENEFITS ) and a desire to own that product
At present, the exterior surfaces of high-rise building windows must be accessed for cleaning through the use of scaffolds or bosun chairs.
Such devices can not be used during periods of inclement weather and can also be fairly dangerous during even calm,sunny days.
In many cases,their use can result in the need to cordon off a sizeable portion of the sidewalk below,thereby interfering with the overall
accessibility of a structure.
The " window washing system " has been conceived as a solution to these problems.
The janitorial or maintenance staff of a building could safely operate this mechanism from inside.As a result, this system could help reduce labor cost.
As well as permit windows to be cleaned more frequently and irrespective of inclement weather.
And also should help reduce insurance costs.

Our Mission
If you are a company or a contracteur or still if you have the taste to start your own micro-company, you can be a part of our retailers' network. Window Washing System offers the possibility to the entrepreneurs or to the private individuals wishing to start a company of territories protected to develop the market. Glance at the potential market and join(contact) our team ...

My direct line :+1-819-374-9213 Trois-Rivieres Canada Quebec


Stephane Dube

President W.W.S.Technology Canada INC.