Andy Woehl

Andy Woehl

Cloverdale, California, United States
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Andy Woehl, President, is a passionate idea developer with 7 years of project management experience as a production engineer. Andy has proven his ability to bring teams together by constructing multi-million dollar projects, overcoming constraints, and delivering projects that people want to be a part of. While a Process Engineer at Clos du Bois Winery he was published in a variety of trade publications regarding team development and production innovation. Andy sits on the Board of Directors for the Sonoma County Wine Technical Group, and he is a partner in the Terra Sonoma Food Company. As the MÁS Wine Company concept developer, and President, Andy leads this start-up company with innovative ideas through the challenges of creating a new status quota in green wine packaging. Andy holds a B.S. in Chemistry and minor in Geology from Colorado State University.