Twitter to launch @anywhere platform

Like Facebook Connect, "At Anywhere" to deeply connect Twitter profiles on sites across the Web

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March 15, 2010
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@anywhere platformAt his SXSW keynote Monday afternoon, CEO Evan Williams unveiled the latest update coming soon to Twitter: a platform called @anywhere.

At Anywhere, or @anywhere, is designed to integrate Twitter seamlessly across any number of third-party sites, like Amazon or YouTube, presenting Twitter content to the user without having to visit the actual Twitter site.

For example, on a site with @anywhere integration, people or brands could have their names highlighted so that a mouse-over displays a hovercard, presenting the user's Twitter information and most recent tweet.

In general, tweeting, following, etc.--all the basic functions on Twitter's site--will become commonplace activities across the Web wherever sites employ the @anywhere framework.

Twitter could possibly find some path to revenue with the new platform.

"Inevitably, it's going to take experimentation," Williams said of @Anywhere's business potential. "Google started out thinking that they were going to sell search services."

When @anywhere launches, the platform will be found on a hefty set of sites and services: Amazon, AdAge, Bing, Citysearch, Digg, eBay, The Huffington Post, Meebo,, The New York Times,, Yahoo!, and YouTube. Interesting to see Bing on that list without Google. Aggressively competing with Google for an audience, Bing has proven itself to be eager on the uptake of new social and real-time technologies.

Twitter is currently seeing about 50 million tweets posted daily.

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