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November 5, 2008
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(This is a weekly, for now, look at some hot stories we're covering on VatorNews. Our friend Guy Kawasaki at AllTop recommended the name "What am I Missy" as a play on my name.)

Is Facebook looking for green in the desert? The world's biggest social network is reportedly talking to potential investors in the kingdom of Dubai. While sources have told the company is on track to pull in about $300 million in revenue this year, it looks like it will need more to fund its expansion plans.

The company is growing fast outside the US, the main reason it has passed MySpace as the largest social network. But with the global economy and the price of oil going into a tailspin, its management wants to make sure they've got enough dry powder for the long haul in case a possible depression makes people less likely to want to throw sheep at each other. Well, actually, maybe throwing sheep is kind of fun, when you're bummed. 

Regardless, Facebook may want to get its share of petrodollars before those who have them own a lot less.

Here's our story: What's Facebook's killer-app?

Speaking of a global meltdown, it's looking more like the the internet won't be immune from the fallout. Several research firms have scaled back their estimates of online ad spending as consumers and corporations alike tighten their belts. The trend could be bad news for the hundreds of ad networks that have sprouted all over the Web 2.0 landscape like flowers.

Scratch that, I meant weeds.

Here's our story: Is the sky falling on Internet ads?

And, the big story this week: Apple said the guy who oversaw the development of the iPhone is leaving the company. No, it's not Steve Jobs, although most people assumed the device was his idea.

Apple is bringing in someone from IBM to fill the job. Talk about culture class. Will this affect iPhone holiday sales? We'll see.

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