YouSendIt - a good acquisition for FedEx?

File-sharing site is an easy-to-use, private way to share virtual files

Entrepreneur interview by Bambi Francisco Roizen
August 1, 2008
Short URL: http://vator.tv/n/34d

At some point, 100 megabytes is just not enough to handle the delivery of big files. That's the typical file you can upload onto YouTube to share with the world. With YouSendIt, a file sharing site that recently received $14 million in new funding, you can send files (privately) that are up to four gigabytes, if you have the application on your desktop. Through the Web browser, it's more like two gigabytes. It's not free, mind you. YouSendIt, which has 7 million registered users, and adding 200,000 more each month, charges minimal amounts. So popular is the site, it's on a run-rate of $10 million in sales this year. 

But under 100 megabytes, you can send files for free. And, it literally takes seconds.

The service is designed mainly for "creative professionals," such as videographers or producers, and small businesses, said Ranjith Kumaran, CEO and founder, who stopped into the Vator offices recently. The target market is for people who want to send files to five or 10 people. It's not like other file-sharing services, like Pando, that are trying to help media companies share huge files with millions. 

And, unlike other file-sharing services like Box.net (which I occasionally use), YouSendIt doesn't focus on storage. And, unlike Drop.io, YouSendIt doesn't focus on creating shared spaces. 

"We're focused on important IP, mission-critical documents," said Ranjith. In many ways, YouSendIt is like FedEx, which has its own service called Launchpackage, but better.

To that end, it's not surprising that YouSendIt sees a potential partnership with the delivery service that is still very much focused on offline delivery.

So, what's the exit? I think probably a sale to FedEx. Watch the interview, and you'll see why YouSendIt is a complement to the old ways of delivering packages.




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