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Vator Box rates iLike and WooMe

Innovation series by Bambi Francisco Roizen
March 17, 2008
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In this episode of the Vator Box, we rate pitches from iLike and WooMe with the help of our guest, YouNoodle co-founder Kirill Makharinsky.

Makharinsky, plus our panel of regulars -- Bambi Francisco, Ezra Roizen and John Shinal -- pretty much agreed that iLike will become an attractive takeover candidate thanks to its fast-growing user base -- over 20 million and growing at another one million every two weeks, according to CEO Ali Partovi.

The startup has become a leading source of music and related information for users of Facebook and other social networking sites. 

WooMe, which has generated a lot of interest on, has come up with a new twist to help set itself apart from other online dating sites. It's taken the concept of speed dating and put it online.

Whether it will be able to carve out a large enough niche to distinguish itself is the company's big challenge. 


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