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From HP and Vator's SplashX Invent Health - Future of Mental and Behavioral Health

Innovation series by Bambi Francisco Roizen
August 31, 2018
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Due to popular demand, I've made this market map available. These market maps give you a sense of the ecosystem. For our SplashX events, we like to lay out the players in the space to understand which companies stand out and which areas appear to be getting more saturated.  

This is a map made in June, so at least one company - Lantern - has already shut down. It's not a surprise given the number of self-help mobile feel-good apps that have emerged. But there are some good companies addressing this space. 

These maps are available for those who are members of Vator, or who attend at least one SplashX event. If you'd like the next one on Precision Health, please join us for our September 27 event. JOIN US.



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