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Video: Behavioral and Mental Health discussed by tech pioneers and health incumbents

How tech is changing the way we treat, diagnose and prevent mental health

Innovation series by Kristin Karaoglu
August 14, 2018
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Here's the video of Vator and HP's June salon: SplashX Invent Health: Mental and Behavioral Health.  

The panel of healthcare incumbents and tech pioneers consisted of Michael Fitzgerald (Executive Director, Behavioral Health Services, El Camino Hospital), Tom Bjornson (Founder and Chairman, Claremont EAP), Sean McBride (Partnerships, Lyra Health), Walter Greenleaf (Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Stanford University), Don Mordecai (National Leader for Mental and Wellness, Kaiser Permanente), Scott Fillenworth (SVP, Sales, Business Development & Client Success, meQuilibrium).

Be sure to join us for our next salon focused on Precision Health on September 27.

Thanks to HP and Vator for hosting the event. Thanks to HP for being the main sponsor and thanks to our other sponsors: Avison YoungAdvsrStratpoint and Scrubbed

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