The Future of Healthcare


Welltok's Michelle Snyder reveals new healthcare paradigm

Keys to building a consumer centered healthcare platform: Interview with Reena Jadhav

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
June 20, 2017
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Reena Jadhav interviewed Michelle Snyder of Welltok at Vator Splash Health on the new paradigm of building a consumer centric healthcare platform. Welltok is a leading consumer health enterprise SaaS company with a mission to empower consumers to achieve and sustain their optimal health. As a health optimization platform they reward consumers. Check out the interview to learn:

- What is the secret to working with the various constituents in our very complex healthcare landscape

- How Welltok is using consumer data to improve care and succeed

- 5 years out how Welltok will not just improve health status of consumers but also decrease costs 

- For women entrepreneurs, Michelle gives great advice- be bolder in your investor pitching

- For all entrepreneurs, think about how big the market potential is, do you have the right people and right product but most important is choosing a really big market

- Listen to the interview to find out where Michelle believes there is huge opportunity and where we are in infancy

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Description: Welltok, the leading consumer health enterprise Software as a Service company, is on a mission to empower consumers to achieve their opti...
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