Inmoji releases self-service portal for advertisers

Will allow Inmoji to scale their platform to a worldwide audience

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
January 25, 2017
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Today, Inmoji, the world's first clickable branded icons for messaging services, released EQ. The service can be used by brands and businesses of any size to create icons that can be used in many messaging services. This will allow Inmoji to scale their innovative platform worldwide, while giving businesses aneasy way to set up campaigns.

"Never before has there been a media network like ours, and now for the first time, we are opening up access to this network for any brand or agency, big and small alike," states Michael Africk, CEO of Inmoji. He goes on to say, "We built this platform to help scale our business worldwide. We're giving anyone with any size budget the ability to create and deliver unique, clickable Inmoji icons and experiences to our 100 million daily users on the world's biggest messaging apps."

With messaging continuing to steamroll, advertisers have to find unique ways to get their products and services to consumers. Inmoji helps fill that gap while offering something that is actually helpful to users, and not just blatant advertising. Inmoji works with a large amounts of messaging apps and can even be added to your iPhone messaging extensions.

You can use Starbucks branded icons to figure out where to meet someone for coffee or you can suggest music through Inmoji that allows your friends an easy method of purchasing said music through an Inmoji portal. It can also be used to discover and shop for almost anything, Inmoji offers almost endless applications. Add to the fact that it's great for advertisers in that they're getting detailed reach and result information, and you have a service that works for everyone. 

To close, we have one more quote from Africk that sums everything up nicely, "We have seen others attempt to target the audiences on messaging, for example custom emoji, stickers, and some animated gif related content, however we are the ONLY clickable media unit for messaging apps. We are the only platform that delivers deep insights and data reporting based on interactions via consumers on messaging apps. I consider our real competitors to be other established media agencies or perhaps the big messaging apps themselves. That said, nobody has any type of clickable product like ours in market and this gives Inmoji a huge market advantage."