Social media star, Jake Paul, launches TeamDom

Sets out to redefine what entertainment means for millennials

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
January 17, 2017 last edited January 17, 2017 8:06 AM
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It's an understatement to say that social media has changed the game. Which game, you may ask? Well, almost all of them to be honest, but in this instance we're referring to the entertainment industry. Jake Paul, who got his start on Vine before moving on to other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, is using his mass following and influence to start TeamDom

The Teen Entertainment And Media KingDom will focus on crafting powerful stories and building successful brands and businesses. Today, January 17th, TeamDom announced that they have just secured their first round of funding from investors Danhua Capital, Horizons Alpha, Vayner Capital, and others. Total funding amount comes in right at $1 million.

Dovey Wan, Managing Director at Danhua Capital, said, “Over 70 percent of brands are increasing their social media spend trying to reach Gen Z nowadays. Yet there is a huge vacuum to fill for grass-root influencer. TeamDom is the only players in the marketing space that has this new paradigm baked into its original source - not only a vast network of young influencers but a mighty facilitator to help more young talents rise up.

Their focus? Taking a social-first approach to the entertainment industry. It's obvious that social platforms have changed how consumers digest their news and entertainment and TeamDom is using this knowledge to provide a service while also creating the world's first social media talent label. This talent label, Team 10, is comprised of some of the world's most influential social media stars and is focused on monetizing this success.

TeamDom also has a social "bootcamp" and talent incubator called Team Fuze. Team Fuze is what happens before Team 10. Team Fuze sets out to not only identify talent out in the wild, but to train those influencers through their own personal knowledge and resources.

“Social media isn’t just an alternative to traditional media; it’s turning the traditional model on its head and totally shaking up how consumers make decisions. Yet major media companies are struggling to keep up with this shift- that’s where TeamDom comes in. We know the world of social inside and out, and we offer unprecedented expertise, scale and process for this lucrative new frontier”, explained Jake Paul.