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Thank you to all of those who attended Post Seed Conference and made it great!

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December 2, 2016 | Comments
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Vator held its annual Post Seed event on Thursday, and it couldn't have gone better. Not only were the panelists, and all of our presenting companies great, but so were all of our audience members, who helped us to preserved the memory of the event on Twitter forever.

Here are some highlights from our attendees on Twitter:

Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator), Paul Martino (Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital), Semil Shah (General Partner, Haystack)

Session One – “Making Venture Great Again: The Post Seed Manifesto”: Duncan Davidson (Managing Director, Bullpen Capital)

Session Two – “Winning at Cisco, Baseball, and Seed”: Dan Scheinman (Angel Investor, SF Giants), Paul Martino (Managing Partner, Bullpen Capital)

Session Three – “Investing in Categories No One is Paying Attention To”: Moderator: Eric Eric Newcomer (Startup Reporter, Bloomberg); Panelists: Michael Ma (General Partner, Liquid 2 Ventures), Dave Peterson (Co-Founder & Partner, Play Bigger Advisors), Christine Herron (Director, Intel Capital), Chris Paik (Partner, Thrive Capital), Aeref Hilaly (Partner, Sequoia Capital)

Session Four – “Disrupting the Venture Ecosystem”: Chamath Palihapitiya (Founder & CEO, Social Capital LP), Semil Shah (General Partner, Haystack)

Session Five – “CEOs who Navigated the Post Seed Waters”: Moderator: Eric Wiesen (General Partner, Bullpen Capital); Panelists: Tony Vartanian (Founder & CEO, Jump Ramp Games), Stuart Landesberg (Founder & CEO, Grove Collaborative), Justin Potter (Founder & CEO, Cleanify), Dan Greenberg (Founder & CEO, Sharethrough), Aarthi Ramamurthy ( Founder, Lumoid)

Session Six – “Getting to a Super-Sized A Round and Liquidity”: Moderator: Bambi Francisco (Founder & CEO, Vator); Panelists: Winter Mead (Vice President, Sapphire Ventures), Shruti Gandhi (Managing Partner, Array Ventures), Brenda Smith (President, CV Brokerage), Brian O’Malley (Partner, Accel Partners)

Session Seven – “Playing the Game as a Contrarian”: Aydin Senkut (Founder & Managing Director, Felicis Ventures), Rolfe Winkler (Technology Reporter, Wall Street Journal)

Session Eight – “Post Seed/Small A is a Big Thing”: Moderator: Andre Gharakhanian (Founder & Partner, Silicon Legal Strategy); Panelists: Leo Polovets (Partner, Susa Ventures), Marc Michel (Managing Partner, Runway Venture Partners), Jim Andelman (Co-founder and Managing Partner, Rincon Venture Partners), Jed Katz (Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners)

Session Nine – “Magic Box Paradigm” - The unconventional view on M&A: Ezra Roizen (Founder, advsr), Andre Gharakhanian (Founder & Partner, Silicon Legal Strategy)

Session Ten – “From Seed to IPO”: Jeff Lawson (CEO, Twilio), Byron Deeter (Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners)

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Jed Katz
Managing Director,
Javelin Venture Part...
Bio: Jed Katz, Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners One of the pioneers of Internet commerce, Jed has spent his career developing, a...
Bio: Advisor-to and commenter-on emerging ventures.
Bio: Marc  is a co-founding partner of  Metamorphic Ventures. Marc was formerly Group Head at TD Capital (USA) in New York, TD ...
Bio: Christine Herron has spent her career finding new and innovative information technologies. She is currently a Principal with First Round ...
Paul Martino
Managing Partner,
Bullpen Capital
Managing Partner,
Bullpen Capital
Bio: Paul is the founder of four companies and active early stage investor. He was most recently the CEO and founder of Aggregate Knowledge. I...
Bio: Early stage investor in transformational technology companies. Dan Scheinman has been an angel investor since 2011.  During that tim...
Bio: I'm a general partner at Susa Ventures, a seed fund that focuses on companies with strong competitive advantages. Before Susa, I was a so...
Eric Wiesen
General Partner,
RRE Ventures
Bio: Eric Wiesen is a General Partner at RRE Ventures. Mr. Wiesen is a Board Director of, Flipswap, Pontiflex, Roun...
Bambi Francisco Roizen
CEO and Founder,
Bio: Vator was a side project of mine that was a mere concept while I was a columnist/correspondent at Dow Jones MarketWatch. It was originall...
Bio: Over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience with an in-depth technology, e-commerce and mobile background. Focused on the growth and laun...
Aydin Senkut
Founder and Preside...,
Felicis Ventures
Bio: Aydin Senkut is the Founder and President of Felicis Ventures. He has been named one of the top 25 tech  angels by Businessweek rece...
Bio: Jim Andelman is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Rincon Venture Partners. Jim is currently in his fifteenth year as a VC.  Be...
Duncan Davidson
Managing Director,
Bullpen Capital
Bio: Duncan is a serial entrepreneur who was a managing director at a major venture fund, VantagePoint Venture Partners, before forming Bullpe...
Bio: I invest and advise early stage companies. Previously, I was an investor at True Ventures and Samsung's Early Stage Fund. I am good at e...
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