TOOR releases a smart lockbox for your home

With two different versions, everyone from AirBnB owners to brokers can take advantage of the TOOR

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
November 14, 2016
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Who else has a spare key hidden somewhere outside their home? Who else grew up with that spare key being in the most obvious of places, like under a fake rock where literally anyone could find it and get into your house? Well, TOOR simply isn't having that, and their smart lockbox is so much more than just a key holder.

While TOOR can be used as a spare key holder for yourself, friends, and family, that really just doesn't give the lockbox enough credit. The original TOOR is perfect for people who rent out their homes through services like AirBnB or those who want to give entry by allowing certain people access to the lockbox. With the original version, you can set up guest lists, receive opening/closing notifications, and have guest chat available. The original model is great, but it's the Pro version that really shines.

The Pro version, is just that, professional. If you're simply trying to add some security to your home, then the original model is fine, but what if you want to control multiple homes and have more options for people, not just friends, to set up times to get into the house? Well, then you're probably a broker or real estate agent looking to show homes to interested buyers.

This option-filled version works for everyone, buyers, sellers, and brokers. Traditionally, finding the time to view a home can be a time consuming, annoying process, but with TOOR it doesn't have to be that way. Buyers can quickly set up viewing requests and times and if the seller feels comfortable with it, the interested party can even view the home on their own, thanks to the remote access opening of the lockbox. They can also use the TOOR app to see if any agents are in the area to request a tour.

Sellers can feel confident knowing that their spare key is secured and not being transferred from one real esate agent to another and can look at profiles of real estate agents and buyers before giving out access. Agents can increase their leads and offer the latest technology, all in the name of increasing customer service, and hopefully, sales.

The TOOR has just come off a successful Kickerstart campaign, and is currently available for pre-order. It should be noted that with the professional model there is a monthly fee associated with it, but it's a small price to pay when the TOOR helps you sell more homes.