Algolia brings its powerful search service to Shopify

The Search as a Service company just announced integration with the popular ecommerce solution

Technology trends and news by Josiah Motley
November 2, 2016
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Algolia is no stranger to integration with CMS and ecommerce platforms, with their power search service already on content management systems like Wordpress and Magento, but now Shopify users can now use Algolia in their online stores. Algolia for Shopify gives store owners all the power of the Algolia service directly into their store, while giving end users an amazing, fast search experience.

Implementing new search platforms into your website can be a pain, especially if you're not well versed in coding and web design, but Algolia has made the process extremely simple. In just a couple steps, shop owners can have Algolia up and running. Simply download the plugin from the Shopify Marketplace and sign up for an Algolia account. From there you'll choose a data center that is closest to you (this is how Algolia works their magic and fast searches) and continue setting up your store as normal. There is also a method of installation that involves front-end themes and direct coding, if you prefer to do it that way.

So what will you get with Algolia? For one, you'll get product and category autocompletion. Basically, this means customers can theoretically access your entire store directly through the search feature, regardless of the number of categories and products on your website. This works in conjunction with Algolia's "Instant Search Page." Searches on your website will be done in real time, with each keystroke updating end users' searches. With Algolia, you'll also get the power of their Tie-Breaking Algorithm that helps make sure searches are relevant, and even allows the shop owner to tweak the algorithm for even better relevance.

Search has always been a fickle thing, especially on CMS and ecommerce websites. Many time search results would take you to a page filled with results that were extremely hit or miss. Sometimes they would be relevant, but many times they simply weren't what you were looking for. Algolia is looking to alleviate those issues, and now Shopify store owners can the power of Algolia directly in their stores.

Find out more about Algolia for Shopify here.