Celebs need love too: Tinder debuts verified profiles

Now you'll know if that was really Hillary Duff or Leonardo DiCaprio who swiped right on you

Technology trends and news by Steven Loeb
July 7, 2015
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Alright, show of hands: who out there has, at one point in your life, pictured what it would be like to date a celebrity? Yup, that's what I figured. Anyone out there who answered no to that question, congratulations, you're a liar. 

Of course all of us are attracted, at least a little bit, to the glitz and the glamor of being famous. And come on, these are some of the most attractive people on the planet. For most of us, and that's like 99% of the population, it's all out of reach, though. There's no way to even talk to these people, let alone get to them to go out with you.

Until now, apparently, thanks to Tinder, which announced on Tuesday that it is taking the Twitter and Facebook route and introducing verified profiles.

Like those other sites, a verified profile will come with a tiny blue check mark, like so: 

Except that, instead of just knowing who you are following, or potentially tweeting to, a verified profile on Tinder means that the person who just swiped right on you is an honest to god celebrity, and not someone just pretending to be famous. And, best of all, they want to go out with you. This truly is the best time to be alive, isn't it?

"Tinder: it’s how people meet. Each day, 26 million matches are made on Tinder, and we do our best to keep those matches real —  that’s why we’re rolling out Verified Profiles," the company wrote. "Starting today, you may see a verified symbol on some profiles. Now when notable public figures, celebrities and athletes appear in your recommendations, you’ll know it’s for real."

Ok, so now you're asking yourself, how many celebrities are actually using Tinder? Don't they have better ways to find dates than to start checking out random people on the Internet? 

Well, you'd think so, wouldn't you, but I guess you'd be wrong. At least two celebrities have reportedly been using the service. The first one has actually been verified by the source; that would be singer/actress Hilary Duff, who actually went on a date with some guy. The other is just a rumor; some people have been saying that Leonardo DiCaprio. I find the second one kind of hard to believe, but maybe it's true. I guess we will all find out soon enough.

Now that I've got you all excited about the possibility of actually dating Lizzie McGuire, there is one important thing to remember: rich and famous people tend to congregate in two areas, Los Angeles and New York City. So, sorry to break it to you, but if you're bumming around in the middle of nowhere, chances are Leo isn't going to be in your area.

(Image source: fanpop.com)


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