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The winner of Vator Splash Health is Luminate Health!

And a big congratulations to our People's Choice winner, Privail!

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February 12, 2015
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(Image: Jules Walker (KPMG), Bambi Francisco (Vator), Sidd Sinha (Founder & CEO, Luminate Health), Jessica Hsu (Founder & CTO)

The ballots are in! They have all been counted and recounted, and we have a winner for this year's Vator Splash Health is... Luminate Health!

Luminate Health is a patient portal for lab results.

The company gives labs a first-of-its-kind digital platform for their patients to access and understand their lab results. Luminate Health is also helping these labs satisfy a major new federal rule from HHS, which now requires all US labs - commercial, specialty, and hospital labs - to provide patients with direct access to their lab results.

Luminate Health now counts a number of top-150 US labs among its customers and continues to see a very positive response to its product from both patients and physicians.

We also want to say congratulations to our People's Choice winner: Privail! Pictured below are the two founders: Anwaar Al-Zireeni and Christopher Ategeka.

Privail is a point of care diagnostics for early detection of disease.

The company is developing point-of-care (POC) diagnostics for the early detection of infectious diseases, with an initial focus on HIV. Unlike current POC diagnostic methods, which focus on the detection of antibodies or nucleic acids, Privail's proprietary technology directly detects the virus itself and is available in a simple, low-cost and portable device. By getting tested immediately, patients can receive earlier and more effective treatment, and ultimately reduce the spread of disease.

By providing affordable tests that can be conducted in the privacy of one's home, Privail sets the stage for enhanced health outcomes on a global level. The earlier HIV is detected, the better patients can avoid contracting AIDS and inadvertently spreading the virus. Furthermore, earlier diagnosis allows these patients to receive earlier treatment and increase the length and quality of their lives.

And a  big thank you to all of our other finalists who presented today; 

Core Mobile, a workflow platform at hospitals, particularly surgery/operations

The  company  makes healthcare mobile, efficient and coordinated, in order to achieve three objectives: to omprove efficiency to reduce healthcare costs; to omprove healthcare staff satisfaction; and to improve patient outcomes and patient family satisfaction by reducing readmissions and revists leveraging population health.

Core Mobile achieves the 3 objectives by combining mobile technologies, location based technologies and predictive analytics into ONE software solution called Corey, which provides care coordination within hospital and post-acute care settings; workflow optimization in perioperative services, ambulatory services, emergency department, primary care, surgical and post acute care services and home care services; and Medication schedule & discharge instruction compliance for reducing readmissions


Nodexus, a cancer screening/liquid biopsy company.

Nodexus is commercializing a versatile system, consisting of a hardware platform (tablet-sized) and disposable cartridges, that was developed at Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley.  The technology offers unprecedented sensitivity at a fraction of the cost, and it is leveraging our unique advantages for cancer screening.

 Unlike existing technologies for CTC detection, Nodexus' platform enables the collection and characterization of many different types of viable CTCs that can ultimately allow a doctor to identify the right regimen for each patient, monitor therapy resistance, and perform early detection of disease. Its liquid biopsy provides an avenue for new therapies and drug discovery while reducing costs/labor time and increasing patient outcomes/peace-of-mind.  A unique benefit offered by our system is its ease of use; it is a one-step fully automated process that can be operated without the need for a trained technician.


Stroll Health, a company that assists  doctors with making specialist referrals.

Stroll provides a tablet-based tool for physicians to share the cost and location of upcoming care options, enabling patients to discover in-network locations of which the doctor was unaware and utilize potentially better but certainly cheaper and more convenient options. Procedure cost and patient data come directly from the insurers’ negotiated rate and patient databases.

The projected out-of-pocket cost is based on the patient’s deductible status and displayed in real-time. The first release focuses on six radiology diagnostics: MRI, CT, X-ray, PET, ultrasound, and mammogram scans, but will expand to Rx and other treatments. The app will also receive prior authorization numbers automatically and send orders electronically.


Cloudwear, a security solution to prevent unauthorized access to health care data and online cloud accounts

Cloudwear leverages and integrates capabilities found on most smart phones—including GPS location detection, fingerprint sensors, and image sensors—along with real-time wireless network information to add new anti-fraud security protection to any cloud account. Cloudwear provides online account protection that is stronger than two-factor authentication.

The prizes

Here is what the winner of Vator Splash Health will receive:

A video of their presentation a bottle of Bread and Butter wine; a $24k annual subscription to Rackspace services;  and a Shine from Misfit Wearables.

The overall winner receives a two-hour consultation with KPMG; free bookkeeping services courtesy Scrubbed; two-man months of one IOS's developer's time (equivalent to $10k); AND one-hour sit-down meetings withCanvas Venture Fund, Bessemer Venture PartnersFelicis Ventures,InterWest, Lux Capital, MaveronNorwest Venture PartnersONSET Ventures, Box, Prolog Ventures, and Obvious Ventures plus a Vator backpack and t-shirt!

We are stoked to have Rackspace be our preferred provider for our startup finalists.

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