Amazon signs Woody Allen; Twitter has a field day

Twitter responds with #WoodyAllenTVShowNames, including "Family Guy" and "Parks and Molestation"

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January 13, 2015
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On Tuesday, Amazon made a pretty big announcement: that it had signed Woody Allen to create his own television series for the platform, in which he would write and direct each 30 minute installment. This is exciting news, especially for Allen's fans, but also for anyone who has been following the recent streaming revolution.

Woody Allen is a huge get for Amazon; if the site can lure him in, that means that it  can get just about anyone it wants. It portends other perhaps reluctant artists also making the leap.  This is going to be really cool to watch. Plus, his show will likely be excellent as well.

Of course, there's another side to this: Allen's legacy, which is not exactly clean. There are these allegations you may have heard something about, in which he was accused of molesting his daughter (it should be noted that he was never actually charged for this but many have decided to boycott his films over it).

Then there was that other incident, in which he had an affair with his teenage stepdaughter (yeah, he didn't ever adopt her, blah blah blah, it's still weird and pretty creepy). In response, some have already come out against Amazon for signing someone with that kind of baggage hanging over him, saying it is an affront to victims of abuse. 

Given Allen's history, and the fact that the show is currently being called Untitled Woody Allen Project, just take a wild guess what happened next on Twitter, a.k.a the place where nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is ever forgotten and no opportunity for mockery is missed.

Yup. That's exactly what happened. I give you, #WoodyAllenTVShowNames.

I'm a pretty big Woody fan (and defender) but I have to admit that  these are really, really funny!  Some of them made me literally laugh out loud.

This reminds me of the incident a few months ago, when Bill Cosby posted a tweet asking fans to meme him. Twitter immediately took the baton and ran with it, coming up a whole host of memes, all referencing the rape accusations that have dogged Cosby for years, and have recently bubbled up to the surface again.

All of this should serve as a reminder to anyone who has ever been seen as doing anything wrong (be is at serious as the accusations against Allen and Cosby, or at simple as accidentally saying someone's name wrong): social media will define your legacy, and it never, ever forgets.

Shoutout to Mediaite for picking this up.

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