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August 18, 2014
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Lera Chenchevaya  understands the danger of international tourism.  Lera Chenchevaya

encourages everyone to take reasonable precautions.

● Make copies of the front and back of all documents. Then send them to myself via e-mail one copy with you and take one more send to your embassy.

● Upon arrival, go to the embassy of the country. Say hello, introduce yourself, tell us about your plans. If you have a track log, keep a copy of the embassy there to know how to find you in an emergency.

●  Lera Chenchevaya  offers to buy a prepaid cell phone, which if necessary can be discarded. So you can make local calls and contact the embassy in case of emergency. Do not use a smart phone unnecessarily.

● Make Time for the money to put all your money, credit cards, identity card and passport copy. Keep a normal passport, a little local money and one credit card with a small limit.

● Keep a spare one wallet with expired ID cards, a small amount of local currency and $ 5. Put on, as is customary in the locality. It is important to know the local customs. Before the trip to find the political situation in the country. Make sure that the ride is safe.

Lera Chenchevaya  knows that by following these instructions and basic

recommendations embassy can avoid many problems in the host country.

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