Валерия Ченчевая: советы о поездке в Россию

Валерия Ченчевая, Лера Ченчевая

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August 12, 2014
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Valeria Chenchevaya  Traveled A lot of the land, known as Russia. She saw A lot of Travelers That offers the Largest Country in the World. Due to the huge Size, Unique Customs and the Government Restrictions every tourist Should Take Note of A number of points before planning a trip to Russia.

Refresh your Russian

Of course, the Russian language - mainly in Russia, and if you do not know a word in Russian, you can not just get into a mess. Before his trip to Russia is very important, says  Valeria Chenchevaya , learn a few simple phrases in Russian. Although Russia is sometimes possible to talk in English, only one English during the trip can not do. 

Get a visa   

To Get to Russia, said Valeria Chenchevaya need to Obtain A visa. It is Also Important to Demonstrate That you have already booked and paid for accommodation. In Russia, always with Keep Them Documents from the Hotel, passport and visa. 

Use Railways


Although Russia and can travel by plane, Valeria Chenchevaya recommended to ride the train, which is much cheaper. Russian rail network is extended and reliable, it can help to get in almost any corner of the country.


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