Historic Germany-Brazil WC match breaks Twitter records

Blowout game saw 35.6 million tweets, and 580k tweets per minute

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July 9, 2014
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The World Cup is freaking unstoppable on social media this year! 

Only a couple of weeks after setting the record  as the most discussed event in Facebook history, with over one billion interactions, including posts, comments and likes, the event has now broken two separate Twitter records in a single day!

Ok, so everyone watched at least part of the game between Germany and Brazil on Tuesday, right? I mean, even if you're not  a soccer fan and you don't care about the World Cup, there's just something about watching a team allowing their opponent to score seven unanswered goals that is just too compelling not to watch. It's like a car crash!

That devastating defeat by Brazil, who did manage to score one goal to avoid being completely humiliated, managed to generate 35.6 million tweets, Twitter has revealed. That makes it the most talked about sports game ever.

The previous record holder: this year's blowout Super Bowl, with 24.9 million tweets. I guess people really like to see one team get utterly demolished. Or, at least they like to talk about  it.

That was not the only record that the Germany-Brazil match broke, though: the fifth goal of the game from Sami Khedira, which pretty much officially ended Brazil's chances of even getting close to winning, saw 580,166 tweets per minute (TPM).

That absolutely crushes the previous record holder: everyone's favorite Disney star turned... something, Miley Cyrus, whose... dance number with Robin Thicke at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2012 saw 306 TPM. I think we can all agree that we'd much rather have that moment out of the history books forever, right? And all it took was the Brazilian soccer team being embarrassed in front of the entire world. 

Interestingly, despite setting that record, Khedira did not even make it onto the list of most mentioned players.

On Germany's side that honor went to Miroslav Klose, who scored his 16th World Cup goal, breaking the record held by former Brazil striker Ronaldo to become the all-time top scoring player in World Cup history. Pretty worthy of a few mentions, I'd say.

On the Brazilian side, the top mentioned player was Júlio César, the team’s goalie who cried in an interview after the game. I have a feeling that he should probably avoid reading all of those tweets.

We've still got two more matches, and four more days. I wouldn't be surprised if even more records are broken in that time.

(Image source: timeslive.co)

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