15.2 million tweets sent out during Grammys telecast

Lorde has a big night, is most mentioned artist and has two of the most tweeted moments

Technology trends and news by Steven Loeb
January 27, 2014
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If you're a music lover (and, honestly, who isn’t, right?) you were definitely sitting down and watching last night's Grammy Awards! Come on, you know you were! Don't lie!

Ok, so maybe it's not exactly true at all that everyone who loves music watches the Grammys. In fact, it's almost defintiely not. I know a lot of people who have no idea what the different between best album and record is (frankly, neither do I). Still, a lot of people were watching, and also using Twitter during the show. So that's gotta count for something, right?

In all a total of 15.2 million Tweets were sent out during the show, which aired from 8:00 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. on the east coast, Twitter has revealed. 

Unlike a lot of other events, it was not simulcast on the west coast, meaning it started airing three hours behind the other part of the country, so that we Californians (and Oregonians and... Washingtonians) apparently do not count in these numbers.

The three biggest moments during the event came when Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar performed together, causing 171,593 tweets per minutes. That was followed by Lorde winning Best Pop Solo Performance, with 152,688 TPM and Lorde performing, with tweet per minute hitting 146,083.

The most mentioned artist was, you guessed it, Lorde, followed by Beyonce and Taylor Swift. 

I have to say that I was pretty surprised that there was no mention of the reunion of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America. The two haven't played together in years, and seeing them on stage at the same time is basically my dream show at this point.

The tweeting audience, however, seems to have taken no notice. On second thought, maybe I should have been less surprised by this. A sad state of affairs, indeed.

Also surprisingly missing: the live wedding of 33 couples, both gay and straight, which was officiated by Queen Latifah, and featured a performance by Madonna, as well as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis singing their same-sex marriage anthem “Same Love.”

It was a pretty powerful moment, and one that should tug at the heartstrings of every person who has a pusle. But it still wasn't enough to make a dent on Twitter. 

I give up, Twitter! I really do! 

So where do those 171,593 tweets per minute stack up in the pantheon of tweeted events? As impressive as they were, they pale in comparison to other recent events. The current record is 327,452 Tweets per minute for Barack Obama's reelection in November 2012, which is only slightly higher than the 306,100 tweets per minute sent out while Miley Cyrus danced with Robin Thicke during last year's MTV Video Music Awards.

Maybe I really should start putting less stock in what people on Twitter think is important.

(Image source: http://lorde-ella.tumblr.com)