Stealth startup Pushd raises $1.04 million

Created by Summize co-founders, what Pushd actually does is still a big secret

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December 26, 2013
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When a start up says that it is in stealth mode, does that mean that it cannot reveal anything about itself beyond its name? I'm really asking here; I don't know what the rules are about that, or if there even are any.

The reason that I ask is because of Pushd. The company a stealth startup that was started by a couple of former Twitter engineers last year, but it gives absolutely no indication about what the company does. I mean, nothing. Except that is it creating an app called Sense.

And what does Sense do, exactly? Your guess is honestly as good as mine.

The idea must be a pretty good one though, because the people who get to hear it seem to be pretty impressed; in fact, it makes enough of an impact that people are willing to give the company money. 

Pushd, which was founded by former Twitter chief scientist Abdur Chowdhury, has now raised $1.04 million, according to a document filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week. None of the company's investors were named.

This is in addition to the $1.35 million in equity funding Pushd previously raised in July of 2012. The new funding brings its total to just under $2.4 million.

Listed alongside Chowdhury on the SEC document is Eric Jensen, who also worked as an engineer at Twitter. Chowdhury and Jensen were co-founders of search engine Summize, which was purchased by Twitter in 2008 for around $15 million.

Summize, which was founded in 2006, searched reviews and blog discussions from around the Web to create summarized reviews of music, movies, books and more. Searches could include blog mentions, YouTube videos and most reviewed products. 

The two men worked at Twitter for over three years, before leaving within days of each other in 2011. Jensen tweeted his departure on September 16th, while Chowdhury did the same just two days later. 

Interestingly, Jensen, who acted as chief technology officer at Pushd, now lists the company in his previous experience on his LinkedIn profile. So it is possible that Jensen has already decided to leave his new endeavor.

Just as there is no indication of what Pushd is, there is also nothing stating when the rest of us might get the chance to get in on whatever it is they are doing.

VatorNews has reached out to Jensen to find out more about the company, and his involvement with it. We will update if we learn more. 

This news and the SEC document were first reported by VentureBeat on Thursday. 

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