Miley Cyrus dominated Google searches in 2013

Google's annual year-end Zeitgeist reveals the power of Miley, Kim Kardashian, and the iPhone 5S

Technology trends and news by Faith Merino
December 18, 2013
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Google’s annual year-end Zeitgeist is out, giving us a peek into what people were most interested in this year. You would not believe how many people searched for Snooki and Jenny McCarthy this year.

Nelson Mandela topped the top 10 trending searches in 2013, which are searches that saw the greatest surge in volume this year. He was followed by Paul Walker and the iPhone 5S. The entire top ten is as follows:

  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Paul Walker
  3. iPhone 5S
  4. Cory Monteith
  5. Harlem Shake
  6. Boston Marathon
  7. Royal Baby
  8. Samsung Galaxy S4
  9. PlayStation 4
  10. North Korea

That last one is kind of funny. “What is North Korea?”

While Nelson Mandela took the top spot in the top trending searches, Miley Cyrus naturally was the most searched person this year. Naturally. And her breakup with Liam Hemsworth (still reeling from the day he stopped following her on Twitter) was the most searched celebrity breakup of the year—followed by Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, and Kris and Bruce Jenner.

Kim Kardashian topped the list of most searched celebrity pregnancies, because rich. Of course, Kate Middleton came in at a close second, because rich.

Topping the list of most searched dance moves was Gangnam Style, because people apparently need a tutorial on pretending to ride a horse.

OF COURSE Grumpy Cat was the most searched famous Internet animal, followed by Lil Bub and Tuna the Dog.

Interestingly, Bitstrips took the top spot among most searched mobile apps, followed by Vine, CandyCrush, MeetMe, and Snapchat.

Among phones, the iPhone 5S came out on top, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5C, HTC One, and Nexus 5.

Tumblr was the most searched social media site, followed by Facebook, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, and Google+.

I think my favorite though is the “What is” search list. Topping that list: “What is twerking?” I’ll admit: I googled “twerking.” And I learned a lot. A few spaces below “twerking,” coming in at number four is “what is molly?” Which, again, I also googled.

Google also made an interactive 3D map that allows you to look up top searches in any of the large cities around the world. EVERYONE in North America was looking up Snooki and Jenny McCarthy.

By comparison, in 2001, the top trending searches were:

  1. Nostradamus
  2. CNN
  3. World Trade Center
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Anthrax
  6. Windows XP
  7. Osama Bin Laden
  8. Audiogalaxy
  9. Taliban
  10. Loft Story 


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