Here are the big winners of the Twitter IPO

Co-founder Evan Williams walks away with $2.6 billion, while CEO Dick Costolo makes $344 million

Financial trends and news by Steven Loeb
November 7, 2013
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Twitter's IPO just had a fantastic opening day, and one that made a lot of people very, very rich.

The stock opened Thursday morning at $45.10, or 73 percent above its $26 IPO price. It reached as high as $50.09 during the day, a rise of over 90%, before coming back down.

At the end of regular trading the stock now stands at $44.90, a gain of 72.69% or $18.90 a share. Its market cap now stands at $24.46 billion.

Here are the biggest winners of the Twitter IPO:

The biggest winner, by far, is Twitter co-founder, and former CEO, Evan Williams.With his 56.9 million shares, good for 12% of the company, Williams will walk away with an astounding $2.6 billion.

Williams stepped down from his position as CEO in 2010. He is the founder of Blogger and his most recent project is publishing platform Medium


Coming in second place is Benchmark Capital and Peter Fenton, general partner at the first. Fenton is also a member of the Twitter board of directors, was an early investor in the company, backing it when it only had 25 employees.

With 31.6 million shares, or 6.7% of Twitter, Benchmark earned earned $1.4 billion. 

1,688 of the shares are held by the Fenton Family Trust, for which Mr. Fenton and his spouse serve as trustees. That amounts to over $76,000,


In third was company co-founder, and one-time CEO, Jack Dorsey. He owns 4.9% of the company, or 23.4 millon shares. That gives him a total of $1.06 billion.

Dorsey is also the creator and CEO of Square, which could see its own IPO as soon as next year. In other words, Dorsey just made a lot of money, and he will most likely do so again next year.


Rounding out the top four biggest shareholders is current Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, who took over the job from Evan Williams in October 2010.

Costolo's $7.6 million shares give him control over 1.6% of the company, and will net him a total of over $344 million.



Another big winner was Adam Bain, Twitter's President of Global Revenue.

Bain joined Twitter in 2010. Before that he the president of the Audience Network and EVP of product and technology at Fox Interactive.

His 1.7 million Twitter shares have earned him around $78 million.


Other shareholders that made out nicely from the IPO include two members of the company's board of directors: Peter Currie whose 291,666 shares netted $13 million; and David Rosenblatt, whose 283,333 share are now worth $12.8 million.

In addition, Rizvi Traverse, J.P. Morgan, Spark Capital, Benchmark, Union Square Ventures, and DST Global are all listed as having a 5% stake in the company, so that means they will make roughly the same amount as Dorsey.

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