Eventbrite partners with FirstGiving for charity events

The two companies join forces to make charity events easier to organize

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March 7, 2013
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With $600 million in gross ticket sales in 2012, Eventbrite is amping up its game. The company announced Thursday that it has partnered with charitable fundraising platform FirstGiving for a mutual product integration.

Now, non-profits can connect their two accounts to see total ticket sales and donation data all in one spot. Additionally, the integration allows non-profits to turn event attendees into fundraisers by setting up their own fundraising pages through FirstGiving. Attendee fundraising pages will automatically sync with the organization’s FirstGiving account so that they can see firsthand exactly how much is being raised.

This is particularly relevant to sporting events, such as marathons and fun runs (i.e. getting your friends to donate $5 a mile for your half marathon run), as organizations will be able to get a better picture of how much is being raised overall.

The new integration also makes it possible for organizations to sync attendees and communication so they can email Eventbrite registrants from the FirstGiving platform. They can also send out customized emails or automated emails for those that make a donation.

“Partnerships like this are at the core of our commitment to deliver comprehensive solutions to charitable organizations and the people that support them. Our experience has taught us that event-driven fundraising has been a key to the success of some of our largest organizations and Eventbrite’s best-in-class services are a perfect fit,” said Nina Vellayan, President and CEO of FirstGiving, in a statement.

Eventbrite’s non-profit program Eventbrite for Causes offers reduced rates to 501(c)(3) organizations. Eventbrite’s other non-profit partnerships include the Robin Hood Foundation and the Global Poverty Project.

“We believe that building a community of supporters at an event is one of the most powerful ways for an organization to gather and retain loyal donors and volunteers,” said Eventbrite’s Partnership Manager Mitch Colleran, in a statement. “We’re very excited to be partnering with FirstGiving to make it even easier for organizations to integrate events into their fundraising strategy.”

Last summer, Eventbrite announced that it has sold a cumulative $1 billion in tickets since launch, and ticket sales in 2012 reached $600 million—nearly double that of 2011.

Eventbrite now has 211 employees—up from three when it was founded. The company saw 1.8 million downloads of its apps in 2012.

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