Fotopedia returns to French roots with new app, France

The iOS app features 5000 images of all things France

Technology trends and news by Faith Merino
February 21, 2013
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Fotopedia knows what the people like. And what the people like is France. So the company is adding to its current “Paris” and “Above France” photo collections with the release of the new app, “France.”

The new app features 5,000 stunning photos contributed by hundreds of photographers of all things France: food (naturally), architecture, fashion, culture, people, and more. But with two other French-themed apps, why is Fotopedia putting out a third?

“Fotopedia France is an exhaustive in-depth visual exploration of the country, covering everything France has to offer,” said Fotopedia SVP Christophe Daligault. “Because we can add content much more easily to Fotopedia France, it is the ‘always fresh’ app for anyone who has an interest in France.”

“Above France,” by comparison, features 2,000 aerial photos of French landmarks from professional photographer Frank Mulliez. The app is the product of a partnership between Fotopedia and National Geographic.

“France is one of the top travel destinations in the world,” said Daligault. “I have lived in France for about 30 years, yet with this app, I am discovering my own country and many aspects of its culture and its beauty that I had never seen.”

Fotopedia has seen 17 million downloads to date across its suite of apps, with its flagship app, Heritage, remaining the most popular with seven million downloads. Heritage was also the app that earned Fotopedia an induction into the App Hall of Fame.

Over the summer, Fotopedia partnered with Expedia to launch in-app hotel bookings. Now, when you’re browsing through photos in Fotopedia’s Paris and Japan apps, you can tap a button on the side to pull up a list of nearby hotels. For example, let’s say there’s a picture of the Tuileries Garden that catches your eye, and you want to find out where you can stay that will be within walking distance of that spot. By tapping the Expedia icon on the left-hand side, you’ll pull up a list of nearby hotels.

Some 15-25% of all travel browsing is done on a mobile device, with the iPad in the lead as the fastest growing platform. The company’s apps see 200 million page views per month, two-thirds of which come from the iPad. Daligault says the company is not yet cash flow positive, but is seeing strong growth in advertising revenue from Jetsetter, Expedia, HotelTonight, eLong, and GeoEx.


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