Here are the 10 finalists for Vator Splash SF!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite startup on Wednesday night!

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February 12, 2013
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The day we've all been waiting for is only a day away! That's right, Vator Splash SF is finally happening tomorrow night!

We here at Vator have got 10 great startups on deck who are anxiously waiting to present to you! They were chosen through two rigourous voting rounds, including an online popular and judges' voting round, from some 100 startups. In just a over a day they will begin to take the stage to pitch their companies to some of the top tech VCs in California and win prizes worth more than $25,000, plus sit-down meetings with five top VCs.

At the event, there will be a People's Choice winner. To win, the startup has to have the most votes from fans. If you can't make the Splash event, be sure to check VatorNews Wednesday evening (pitches start around 6:15 pm and end 8:45 pm). We'll have instructions on the code you need to text for your favorite startup!

Here are the 10 startups that will be presenting tomorrow night: is an API platform which enables any mobile app to recognize photos and implement image recognition technology to any mobile or web application.

Users can sell products through photo recognition and install high speed photo recognition technology in their mobile app.

Using image recognition, can create web and mobile applications that can analyze sent images in real time. It lets the user snap a photo of any shelf in the store to obtain various data, including percent of product share on shelf, correct display of product, and much more.

CreativeWorx is solving the global timesheet problem to increase revenue and accelerate invoicing. By making the capture of hard-to-obtain employee workflow data effortless, the CreativeWorx platform automatically generates business intelligence that  helps organizations & individuals capture more revenue, reduce costs, streamline processes, and have better visibility of operations.

Younity creates a personal cloud for all your files, built from your devices and your online services, so that all your devices work as if they were a single device. With younity, you can grab whichever device is most convenient without ever thinking about where a file is.

Younity is a data protocol that integrates into device OSes, making them multi-device aware. With younity, users can use any device they own and have access to any file as if it was stored locally on that device, regardless of available storage. With younity, devices simply become screens.

Glyder enables small businesses to create, preview and send messages to customers on 10 different platforms with no design, marketing or coding expertise required.

It is an exclusively mobile experience that removes all the content creation, design, and technology challenges that prevent small businesses from communicating with their customers online.

Glyder is already integrated with leading social networks, email and CRM platforms, including: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the iOS Address Book for email and SMS, Apple Passbook, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Highrise CRM, and several more in the works (Google+, Tumblr blog, etc.).

Pokitdok is a price transparent health marketplace where consumers shop directly from providers for high value health services. Consumers can search by condition or specialty and request a price quote directly from providers.

PokitDok is the first solution to integrate all competitive solutions (consumer reviews, brokered pricing, provider listings, bookings and Physician Ratings) into one health marketplace capturing and retaining consumer attention from activation through conversion. 

Learn27  seeks to take eLearning from Isolation to Collaboration with our social eLearning platform.

Higher Ed institutons can utilize Learn27 to launch a Digital Academy that offers eLearning classes, courses & certifications for their students and / or employees, partners, vendors etc. They can charge fees and built a new revenue stream.

Instructors can upload / embed their course materials in the form of videos or documents. Or even stream their classes utilizing our API integrations with Livestream and Ustream. Students can learn from the instructor and from each other via a social learning environment with tools like message walls, activity feeds, Q&A, polls, surveys, groups, chats, networking lounge, contests, points & badges.

Learn27 digital academies can be accessed from anywhere on any device – laptop, mobile device, tablet, and at any time!

Delicious Karma  is a social shopping site that makes it fun and easy to discover, learn about, and buy exceptional artisanal and gourmet specialty foods, at great prices, while also supporting the community of artisanal food producers.

Delicious Karma customers have access to highly curated, delicious-tasting, all-natural, hard-to-find products and learn the stories of the passionate, talented artisans who make them.  Customers enjoy special “insider” promotions, product reviews and recipe ideas from our team of Taste Gurus, the ability to engage and share with friends, and a chance to earn Karma Kredits that can be used for product discounts or to support our Karma Kauses.

Super Gas Me delivers the best mobile payment service while disrupting the credit card companies by creating a new payment concept, and consequently taking away credit cards from people’s hands.

The service allows customers to save 20% by preloading the gas expense onto the car lease and use the client app to purchase gas from selected gas stations.

Supergasme is working in association with car factories to distribute its product bundled with their cars. At the moment we are closing a deal with Honda; we will have more than 1000 dealerships and around 30000 representative sales pushing our product to its customers in the US.

Delightfully is an MIT startup that adds thoughtfulness to digital gifts.  Through our web-service, gift givers can deliver gift cards, subscriptions, e-books, apps, games, and other digital gifts through interactive webpages made from their own content.  The result is a digital gift that feels like a real gift.

Delightfully focuses on the gift recipient, allowing the givers to put in their time and effort to deliver a better experience. By integrating into the merchant checkout process, they create high switching costs for merchants and a barrier to any competition.  WIth access to many merchants gifts, they will also collect data on the gifting across the internet.

The Kive Company allows parents to take, tag, and chronologically store your child's art and school work - then turn it into a hard cover book with little more than the touch of a button.

Nearly every parent in the world has faced the same problem: what to do with all that artwork kids create. It may seem like a trivial issue, but the initial, overwhelming response to Artkive would tell you otherwise. With Artkive, you'll never again feel guilty about throwing stuff away.

What does the winner get?

At the end of the night, the judges will vote for their favorite! That startup will be the Vator Splash Winner. At the same time, the audience will vote for their favorite. That startup will become the People's Choice Award winner. 

All presenting companies will receive a magnum of wine, courtesy Manifesto, but the winner will also get:

  • A demo table at the next Splash event
  • Discounts to Vator events
  • Opportunity to be an online judge for the next Splash event
  • $24,000 worth of free services, courtesy Rackspace
  • Two-hour accounting consultation courtesy KPMG
  • Free services, courtesy Backops
  • Two-hour accounting consultation, courtesy Sycamore Park
  • An one-hour sit-down VC meeting with Javelin Venture Partners, Floodgate, Alsop Louie Partners, Correlation Ventures, and Morgenthaler Ventures, the early-stage VCs behind Evernote, Lending Club, and Siri.

The Splash winner also wins an Apple iPad!

Check back tomorrow night to see which of these lucky startups have taken the top prizes!

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