Streamweaver raises $1.3M for split-screen mobile video

The Nashville-based startup ads former Facebooker Chris Kelly to board

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January 14, 2013
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You know that thing that people do at weddings sometimes, where they put a bunch of disposable cameras on guest tables so that guests can photograph the wedding from their own point-of-view? (Do people still do that? I haven’t actually seen anyone do that in the last 10 years, but it was a thing for a while there…) Now there’s something like that for your iPhone.

Streamweaver, a software company whose flagship product is a multi-angle mobile video app for iOS, announced Monday that it has raised a $1.3 million Series A round from Facebook’s former Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly, Mountain Group Capital, INCITE Co-Investment Fund, and Tennessee Community Ventures. With the new round of capital, Chris Kelly is joining Streamweaver’s board of directors.

The Nashville, Tennessee-based company launched back in September with an app that lets users create a split-screen mobile video. Streamweaver calls it “social recording,” which essentially means that multiple users shooting mobile videos from their iPhone or iPod Touch can combine their videos into one and watch them all from a split-screen view. You can invite your friends to join you on the app and see their recording statuses while you record. When you’re done, Streamweaver automatically combines the videos into one.

I could see myself using this to create a memento of some kind from a big event, like a milestone birthday or anniversary, but beyond that, split-screen viewing of any kind makes me feel like I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Chris Kelly, however, is far more enthusiastic:

"I've been impressed with Streamweaver from the start, especially as a company outside Silicon Valley that's innovating in the social video space," said Kelly. "This is a sector I'm constantly watching and feel very passionate about. Streamweaver is certainly leading the charge in forming the next category in mobile, social video."

Streamweaver COO Jay Hake tells me that the team plans to use the new funds from this round for additional development and marketing.

“Streamweaver is currently focused on producing a more feature-rich version of its iPhone app,” said Hake.

Hake also says that Nashville is a great place to be if you’re a tech startup, citing its progressive mindset, great culture scene, rich creative class, and a burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystem where investors are interested in a wider array of deals. 


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