Last minute Christmas gifts for the techie in your life

It's too late to have a gift shipped, but thankfully brick and mortar stores are still around!

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December 24, 2012
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Twas the day before Christmas and all through the country, not a creature was stirring, except for those people who decided to wait until Christmas Eve to go buy their presents.

Seriously people, you’ve had, like, a month to get this done. What were you waiting for?

Not to worry though, I’m here to help you find those last minute deals for the tech geeks in your life! It’s too late for your gifts to get here by ordering online, so thankfully we still have those old brick and mortar stores to help you out! (All of the following gifts are available for in-store pickup from Best Buy)

For the music lover

  • Jawbone - BIG JAMBOX Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Remember back in the day when people used to carry around those giant boom boxes, like Radio Raheem in Do the Right Thing? All those people probably have serious neck and back problems now from lugging those things around. The BIG JAMBOX is kind of like that, except smaller, lighter and more managable.

It is able to turn any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable, hi-fi sound system. It's completely wireless and has a built-in microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls and video chats using Skype, GoogleTalk, and FaceTime. It also comes with LiveAudio technology that creates a 3D audio effect.

If you plug the speaker into Jawbone’s MyTALK website, you can download exclusive content, apps and software updates.

Available for $249.99.

  • Onyx Satellite Radio Receiver with Vehicle Kit

The Onyx allows users to enjoy live satellite radio directly through their FM radio just by plugging it into their vehicle's power adapter socket . Onyx can be personalized to match the vehicle's dashboard with selectable display screen colors and trim rings.

Users can browse and explore other songs and artists without leaving your current channel. It offers a One-Touch Jump feature that provides instant access to traffic and weather info for 20 of the busiest cities in the country. The Onyx has to be paired with an XM subscription plan.

Available for $39.99.

For the person always on the go

  • Digits Conductive Glove Pins

Having grown up in New York City, I know cold weather. Around this time of the year it should be getting to around the low 40s, high 30s, and if you've been in that kind of weather you know that you have to wear gloves which make it impossible to use your phone. You should only see what a text message looks like when your fingers are at least twice the size.

Digits Conductive Glove Pins take care of that problem by attaching small electronic pads to the fingertips of gloves, letting you actually use your phone or tablet without freezing your hands off.

Available for $9.99 for a four-pack.

For the new parent

  • Smart Wireless Baby Monitoring System

I don't have any kids, but I can imagine how conflicted new parents can be. On the one hand, they want to be able to go out. On the other, they are probably stressing about the baby is doing while they are away.

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor allows them to monitor their baby from any location using their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

It has a wide-angle, 3-megapixel camera with virtual pan-tilt-zoom technology lets parents navigate the room with a touch of the screen They can even talk to the baby while watching them on the screen or launch a lullaby directly from your iPhone. Automatic alerts let you know immediately when your baby fusses or cries.

The camera also comes with infrared  night mode, so parents can monitor children without waking them. Night mode automatically switches on as soon as the light in the room decreases.

The monitor also comes equipped with a multicolor night-light. Parents can choose a color from their iPhone or use a button on the monitor.

Available for $249.99.

For the workout junkie

  • Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Thanksgiving and Christmas are possibly the only times of the year where overeating is not only accepted, but its encouraged. But once the holidays are gone, its going to be time to take off the extra pounds.

The Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is designed to tracks a users steps, distance, and calories burned. The info is synced to a Fitbit account through a computer, smartphone or tablet. Users can set goals, and stay motived with graphs, badges, and friendly competitions by seeing how they compare with friends and family. They can even provide a message to help motivate them.

Stats are wirelessly uploaded via computer or select Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth Smart devices (like the iPhone 4S), so you will know in real time when you are close to a goal and when you've reached one.

Available for $49.99.

For the gamer

  • Nintendo Wii U Console Deluxe Set with Nintendo Land

If you are still not sure what to get, one of the hottest gifts this year is going to be the Wii U. 

The Wii U will come in two versions: a Basic Set and Deluxe Set. The Deluxe Set comes with more storage capacity (32 GB), extra accessories and the new Nintendo Land video game.

Each version comes with touch-screen controller called the Wii U GamePad, and it will play games made for the original Wii.

The Wii U also comes with Nintendo Tvii, an app that will integrate with the Wii U, and will essentially become the users entertainment platform. Nintendo Tvii allows users to bring all of their video content, including streaming, live TV and recorded shows, together into a single interface.

Nintendo also announced over 50 games for the Wii U,  including New Super Mario Bros. U, LEGO City: Undercover, BAYONETTA 2, The Wonderful 101, Capcom’s Monster Hunter  3 Ultimate and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The Deluxe Set is available for $349.99.

If you really, absolutely have no time or have no idea what to get!

Of course, if you're really crunched for time, and you have absolutely no idea what to get people, there are always giftcards. Wonderful, wonderful giftcards.

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