Bijan Sabet on Foursquare's value, evolution, advantage

Venture capitalist at Spark Capital talks to Bambi Francisco

Financial trends and news by Kristin Karaoglu
November 12, 2012
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This is the third segment of Bambi Francisco's interview with Bijan Sabet, a partner at Spark Capital, an early-stage VC firm, which has investments in some high-profile startups, such as Foursquare, OMGPOP, Twitter and Tumblr.  

In this segment Sabet talks about the value of Foursquare, how it's evolving, its advantage over Facebook's mobile service, and its value for local merchants. Sabet also touches on why OMGPOP chose Zynga over other game companies iinterested in also buying the five-year-old mobile game company that eventualy sold to Zynga for $200 million earlier this year.

See the first and second segments below.

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