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5 Unbreakable rules for user growth

Adam Nash reveals the formula that worked for LinkedIn

Innovation series by Reena A Jadhav
October 5, 2012
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Adam Nash, EIR Greylock, reveals to Reena Jadhav of Vator News, his "make or break" rules for User Growth and Distrubtion at the Vator Splash Event in San Franciso. If you're focussed on scaling users ,this interview three-minute is a MUST WATCH!!

Rule #1: Viral Growth is a Science not Magic. Get set up to run experiments, test, measure, and iterate or you will not succeed.

Rule #2: It's the Non-Users that Count. What in your product allows users to touch non-users and what will that experience be like. If you don't have the feature that enables users to touch non-users you will not grow.

Rule: #3: Cycle time Matters. Branching factor matters but the real trick is in making sure the cycle time repeats as fast as possible. A slow cycle time will kill you.

Rule #4: Frequency Matters. If you don't have a daily use case you will have a hard time getting repeat use case which is critical.

Rule #5: New User Experience. Adam makes a passionate plea to all entrepreneurs to care a lot about the first time user experience, from design, branding to message. You get one chance, have them love it!

Watch the interview to learn how Adam applied these rules to LinkedIn around 2008 and how LinkedIn gets their traffic from just three features.

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