LifeKraze debuts iOS app to earn perks while inspiring

With an Olympic campaign, a new iOS app, and rewards, LifeKraze users are pumping up

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July 24, 2012
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The world of fitness applications is very vibrant and dense. There are apps to track the calories you are consuming and burning, apps to share fitness tips, apps to chart and share the jogging path you use each day and, now, an online campaign sharing the stories and accomplishments of 12 Olympian athletes as they compete in the summer Games in London.

This newly launched social media feed from LifeKraze -- the social platform that brings people looking for more fitness motivation together -- is called Mission:Inspire, and is designed to do just that: Inspire. 

With the participation of Angel McCoughtry (USA Basketball), Becky Sauerbrunn (USA Soccer), Race Imboden (USA Fencing), Katya Bachrouche (Lebanon Swimming), AG Kruger (USA Track & Field), Nick Delpopolo (USA Judo), Kyle Vashkulat (USA Judo), Caroline Queen (USA Canoe/Kayak), Casey Eichfeld (USA Canoe/Kayak), Paige Selenski (USA Field Hockey), Michelle Vittese (USA Field Hockey) and Terrence Jennings (USA Taekwondo), LifeKraze hopes to bring out the Olympian in their users.

Now LifeKraze users can look up to more than just other LifeKrazers, they can see inspiring stories from gold medalists that are living their dreams as we speak.

In tandem with this Olympic effort, LifeKraze is also rolling out its own iPhone application for new and existing members to use positivity, community and encouragement to help one another reach fitness goals.

The new mobile app allows members to share accomplishments on the go, as well as rewarding fellow members with points and encouraging them with comments and high-fives. 

The point system is one of the most interesting components of the new app. Members can redeem the points they earn for active-lifestyle products from the platform's many brand partners such as The North Face, Men's Health and prAna, or convert the points for cash donations to non-profits like DonorsChoose.org.

"I am very excited to be a part of LifeKraze and, especially, Mission: Inspire," said Becky Sauerbrunn of the USA Soccer Team, in a statement. "Not only are you offering a community of people to share your goals and accomplishments, you're also given the ability to reward and be rewarded for those achievements. That type of support is powerful and I'm honored to take part in this mission."

The point system works by allowing each member 300 points per day to award to others that motivate and inspire them. 

Thus far, 25,000 users have posted over 100,000 accomplishments on the LifeKraze platform.  

LifeKraze also lets users post 160-character messages. These messages can contain photos or links and are geared toward sharing accomplishments to enrich the community and garner support between users.  

"We are so proud to have these world-class athletes sharing their accomplishments on LifeKraze and inspiring our community to achieve their own personal goals," said Michael Brooks Jr., co-founder and chief technology officer of LifeKraze. "With our new iPhone app, these athletes can post their Accomplishments from London, easily keeping the LifeKraze community updated as they experience one of the most memorable and important moments of their lives."

LifeKraze's business model is based on the percentages of purchases made through the system with the fitness partners they have built.

The next step for LifeKraze is completing an Android app.

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